Tick Control in 2017 - You have less toxic options!

by Joe Magazzi

     Did you know that the CDC is reporting that 2017 will be one of the worst seasons on record for tick populations and subsequent diseases? In fact, a university study in Connecticut recorded the highest population of deer ticks ever recorded since monitoring began.  Although it is common to think that ticks go dormant once the weather cools down, the opposite can in fact be true.  Ticks are very prone to desiccation (drying out) and thus prefer cooler, moist weather such as what we will experience in the fall.  Ticks will remain active and looking for a host for as long as there is not snow on the ground and temperatures remain consistently above freezing.
     Green Earth Ag & Turf has your non-toxic tick and mosquito solutions to provide you, your family and your pets with comfort and peace of mind to enjoy outdoor fall activities in your yard.     Tick Killz is a wonderful product that our professional applicators have used
successfully for many seasons; it is now also available for home owners to apply themselves as well on our on-line webstore, GrowItNaturally.com.  Tick Killz is made from organic ingredients - Cedar Oil, Peppermint Oil and 2-Phenthyl Propionate (or guava extract, a natural compound also found in many foods) that have been proven to work by scientific studies.  Tick Killz eliminates ticks, fleas, gnats and other nuisance insects on contact, is highly concentrated (1 ounce covers 5,000 square feet), provides up to 30 days of residual repellency benefits, can be used on the entire property (including lawns, shrubs, beds - wherever insects dwell, dries clear and won't stain foundations, pavers, patios, etc...
     MosquitoCure was tested by many of our professional applicators for mosquito pressure this season and has been found to be, by far, the best option for the organic landscaper.  Made from organic ingredients (Lemongrass Oil, Citronella Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Rosemary Oil, Garlic Oil, Red Thyme Oil), this unique mixture of active ingredients is better than any of the individual ingredients alone. 
MosquitoCure’s ingredients are deemed so safe by the EPA that the product is 25(b) Exempt from pesticide registration. Highly concentrated (1 ounce can cover up to 11,000 square feet), and extremely effective, with up to 4 week residual coverage;  MosquitoCure is an excellent choice for schools, summer camps, playgrounds or areas where there are children or laws which prohibit pesticide applications. It can be applied via backpack blower/sprayer or high pressure spray and is highly concentrated (1 gallon treats 11 acres). Mosquito Cure is available for professionals and homeowners by calling us at (866) 374-5101 or e-mailing us: info@GreenEarthAgAndTurf.comMosquitoCure is not yet registered in all 50 states.
    For personal protection, we offer Nature's Cloak Mosquito and TickRepellent. This product not only keeps the bugs away, but it smells wonderful, too! The CDC and Consumer Reports recommends natural repellents containing lemon eucalyptus oil, which is the major active ingredient found in Nature's Cloak mosquito and tick repellent.  It can be applied directly to a person to repel mosquitoes on walks, camping trips, and any time you find yourself around those nasty insects. This non-greasy formula can be sprayed directly on your skin or on clothing. Enjoy peace of mind with a great smelling, non-toxic and non-synthetic tick and mosquito repellent! 

Further reading and tick and mosquito reports
There is great information on ticks and tick-borne disease from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) here:

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