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New Products Enable Pre-emergent Weed Control AND Over-seeding

By Eric Maurer, National Sales Manager of ICT Organics

It is likely your standard yearly program calls for pre-emergent herbicides in the spring, fertility throughout the year, and over-seeding along with core aeration in the fall, or something similar.  New products, Pre-Emerg liquid and Pro Turf with Weed Control (granular) from ICT Organics, now enable you to apply a pre-emergent product in the fall.  This fall application will reduce overwintering weeds (e.g., Common Chickweed, Corn Speedwell, and Henbit etc...).
Both Pre-Emerg and Pro Turf with Weed Control affect the seed hairs on crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, thus reducing their viability.  Turfgrass seeds do not have hairs so they are not affected.  This is a complete shift from traditional barrier type products that restrict anything from germinating.

Pro Turf with Weed Control (granular) – Why not add a proven pre-emergent herbicide along with your fall fertility application?  Research shows Pro Turf Weed Control is a proven g…

Boost your Lawn in the Fall, Organically!

By Joe Magazzi
Have you thought about your fall turf applications yet?  A great time to treat your turf is in early September (just a couple of weeks away) when the nights start to get cooler and the dew helps keep the soil moist. The fall application is critical for turf care; it is during this period that established grass will really grow roots with a burst of under-the-soil growth. The fall is also the best time of the year for putting in new turf with seeding and/or over-seeding. In either case, a treatment with our Complete Lawn Starter Pack gives you the same combination of organic products that all of our top professional clients use! Based on almost a decade of successful applications, the Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer and MicrobeLife Probiotics act synergistically to pay huge dividends for your turf and landscape - not only for greener lawns deeper into the fall and winter, but also for a quicker greening in the spring and healthier, thicker turf for the entire year.