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What is Vitazyme?

Green Earth Ag & Turf recently interviewed Tristan Hudak, Vice President of Ag Biotech, Inc. located in Livonia, NY. Ag Biotech supplies one of our key growth enhancer products, Vitazyme. Q: Tell me about yourself, Tristan, how did you get involved in Ag Biotech, Inc.? T. Hudak: I started with Ag Biotech, Inc. in 2014 after graduating from St. John Fisher College with my B.S in Physics. Initially, I was focused on both sales and company re-branding, and have now been focused on product development and expanding our reach both domestically and internationally. Q: Tell me more about the company? T. Hudak: Ag Biotech, Inc. has been in the agriculture business since 1991. We combine the best of both conventional and organic methods to provide sustainable solutions to farmers worldwide. Q: What products does Ag Biotech distribute? Ag Biotech has carried Vitazyme for around 25 years in the Northeast market, and we are excited to release our new product Bio Seed, which is a natural in…

Mole and Vole Control

by Joe Magazzi
We have received a lot of calls regarding mole and vole damage this year, as the moles have become particularly active this Fall.
Mole activity is more prevalent at this time of the year due, in part, to grub activity. Those pesky beetles that were active in the late spring and summer have laid their eggs, which have now hatched and are advancing through the 3rd instar stage as white grubs. Moles are insectivores and love those big delicious, nutritious and protein-rich grubs that are eating their way through the turf roots. As the moles travel your yard eating the grubs, the tunnels that you see pop up and multiply. They are great diggers, so pressing down on a tunnel or setting a mechanical trap can often be futile as new tunnels simply pop-up in other areas; it can feel like the more you fight them the more damage they do. 
Meadow Voles (the most widely distributed species in the US), on the other hand, are herbivores and love plants and plant roots. They can dig themse…