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Beetles, Beetles and more Beetles! by Joe Magazzi

It is that time of the year again - July 4th barbecues, extensive heat and yes - the first sightings of beetles!  The beetles you see now that are busy decimating your plants are in their last adult life cycle stage. These beetles are the adult form of white grubs (the larvae).  Once these adults decimate your landscape and crops, the beetles will lay their eggs in the later summer/early fall to start the next life cycle.  The eggs will develop into young grubs as the summer winds down, and those larval beetles will then turn their attention to the next headache for you…eating your turf grass and plant roots. With multiple ways of causing problems, beetles and their grubs will provide you with an entire season of angst!  Have no fear, however, Green Earth Ag & Turf has many organic methods to control these pests and help you spend more time enjoying the summer instead of fighting insects.
Like clockwork, the Japanese Beetles showed up in New England on July 1st. We spotted our firs…