What is Vitazyme?

Green Earth Ag & Turf recently interviewed Tristan Hudak, Vice President of Ag Biotech, Inc. located in Livonia, NY. Ag Biotech supplies one of our key growth enhancer products, Vitazyme. 
Q: Tell me about yourself, Tristan, how did you get involved in Ag Biotech, Inc.?
Tristan Hudak, VP Ag Biotech, Inc.
T. Hudak: I started with Ag Biotech, Inc. in 2014 after graduating from St. John Fisher College with my B.S in Physics. Initially, I was focused on both sales and company re-branding, and have now been focused on product development and expanding our reach both domestically and internationally.
Q: Tell me more about the company?
T. Hudak: Ag Biotech, Inc. has been in the agriculture business since 1991. We combine the best of both conventional and organic methods to provide sustainable solutions to farmers worldwide.
Q: What products does Ag Biotech distribute?
Ag Biotech has carried Vitazyme for around 25 years in the Northeast market, and we are excited to release our new product Bio Seed, which is a natural inoculant that will be available for the first time this year.
Q. Tell us about Vitazyme, what exactly is it?
Vitazyme is the liquid by-product of an all-natural fermentation process that results in a wide variety of plant growth regulators. The active agents in Vitazyme work to stimulate growth inside the plant cell via cell signaling. The receptors on the plant cell receive the "message" that Vitazyme is sending, and increase their production of chlorophyll, their rates of cell reproduction, and cause a cascade effect of positive responses inside the plant that result in more root growth, nutrient uptake, and carbohydrate production, which all translate to healthier crops that will yield higher amounts of higher quality, whether you're growing apples, grains, vegetables, or turf. (Click HERE for full product fact sheet.)
Q. What is the best way to apply it?
We have seen equally outstanding results with foliar applications, drip irrigation systems, transplant root dips, and seed treatments. We recommend 2-4 applications of Vitazyme per season, depending on the growth cycle of the crop. There is no wrong way to use Vitazyme! Vitazyme is very inexpensive, is concentrated and easy to apply:
  1. Add approximately 0.5 ounces per 1000 sq. ft.
  2. For foliar sprays or hydroponics, use 1 ounce per gallon of water
  3. 1 gallon covers 10 acres

Q. Which industries are using Vitazyme?
Vitazyme is used primarily in the agriculture industry, on everything from dairy farms to orchards to indoor vegetable growers. There are also plenty of landscaping operations that use Vitazyme on ornamentals and turf for faster plant establishment and health.
Q. What have your field trials and other studies revealed about the product?
Almost everything! When Vitazyme was first discovered, the active agents were a mystery, and the modes of action as well, we just knew that the product worked. As more studies about plant growth regulators came out, we realized that some of the benefits of these regulators sounded familiar, and began sending the product to different labs to test for our active agents, which we now have well documented.

As time went on, we realized that Vitazyme is effective on any growing plant.  Over the course of our trials throughout the years, we have tested such a wide range of crops, and have found positive effects on plants all over the world! Today, we have over 800 documented trials worldwide, with more and more trials being established every year.
Q. How can it be used with Quantum Growth to increase yields?
Vitazyme will work incredibly well with Quantum Growth, which we have shown in our last 3 years of working with Green Earth Ag & Turf! The two products can be mixed together and applied at one time, and will work synergistically with one another. The increased sugar fixation caused by Vitazyme will allow the plant to exude more to feed the microbes in Quantum Growth, which will provide more nutrients to the plant! In addition, the increased root growth that Vitazyme causes will allow for more colonization by the microbes in Quantum. The two products work synergistically in a really incredible way, and we have seen some excellent results as a result of the combination.
Q. How would Vitazyme best be explained to a client without an agricultural or scientific background?
Vitazyme is an easy-to-use, effective way to boost crop and soil health in an organic, sustainable way. Your grass will be greener, your trees will grow taller, and your yields will be higher!
Q. Why do you like distributing through Green Earth Ag & Turf?
We have had a great experience with Green Earth Ag & Turf. They are incredibly responsive and very knowledgeable, and very passionate about finding sustainable solutions for all of their customers.
Q. Anything you would like to add as we close?
Green Earth Ag &Turf has done an excellent job spreading the word and providing useful information about sustainable agriculture! Keep it up!
Thanks to Tristan Hudak, for sharing his story with us!

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