Fall is the time for Turf!

by Joe Magazzi
Have you thought about your fall turf applications yet?  A great time to treat your turf is in early September (just a couple of weeks away) when the nights start to get cooler and the dew helps keep the soil moist. The fall application is critical for turf care; it is during this period that established grass will really grow roots with a burst of under-the-soil growth. The fall is also the best time of the year for putting in new turf with seeding and/or over-seeding. In either case, a treatment with a combination of Quantum Growth and Neptune's Harvest 2-0-2 Turf Formula (no phosphorous) formulation will pay huge dividends - not only for greener lawns deeper into the fall and winter, but also for a quicker greening in the spring and healthier, thicker turf for the entire year.
     Quantum Growth is simply probiotics for plants, trees and turf. Soil biology supplementation is quickly becoming a norm in the green industries with new exciting research coming out every day, validating and advancing the concept.  The beneficial microbes used in Quantum Growth have been safely produced and used commercially for over 40 years; multiple university studies and use by top professionals in the industry (such as the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Disney properties) to prove the product unlike any other biological everThe beneficial  microbes in Quantum Growth naturally produce plant hormones in a steady fashion to stimulate root growth and turf quality without the need or side-effects from artificial growth regulators.  In additional, establishing better soil biology with Quantum Growth helps to reduce the runoffs and costs associated with excess fertilizer use (organic or synthetic fertilizers) which often leads to disease and pest outbreaks as well as unhealthy, weak turf much more susceptible to damage with increased maintenance needs and costs.  
Lenny Merone's yard in NY - Lookin' Good!
     Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula is a balanced mixture of Hydrolyzed North Atlantic Fish, Molasses, Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Humate, and Yucca Extract. This great mixture contains many micro-nutrients (like a multivitamin), growth stimulants from the seaweed, permeabilization and wetting from the yucca and just enough of macro-nutrients from the fish for an outstanding nutrient product that feeds multiple parts of soil health and turf growth.  Since nutrients require soil biology in order to be cycled, delivered and retained in the soil (and microbes need a balanced mixture of nutrients to proliferate and work) the combination of the 2 products acts synergistically: 1+1=4 (not 2) when the Quantum Growth and Neptune’s Harvest are used together in the same tank mixture! Turf Formula and Quantum Growth are great additions to your standard fall nutrients (standard nutrients can often be significantly reduced with this combination) or can be used as a stand-alone program in balanced soils to stimulate seed germination and give your customers great lawns!  This combination and advanced program has been optimized through many years of practice and is proven by the top landscapers, organic consultants and sports turf professionals throughout the country (both organic and hybrid applicators.) Most importantly, the price is great and the treatment volume is very low compared to traditional methods products (3 oz/1,000 sf Quantum Growth and 6 oz /1,000 sf Neptune’s Harvest Turf Formula).
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